Puppy Play Time


Having never had met an Australian Labradoodle I was very excited to meet 8 month old Ezzi, and welcome her into our home.

The first time Ezzi visited Poppy’s Paws, she came for her first ever groom. Given that it was her first groom I was expecting her to be anxious and apprehensive. However she was a delight, she was well behaved and more interested in having her photo taken! (See Photo 2).

Following on from her groom, we had Ezzi come back for day care – I was delighted! Whilst Ezzi was here we also had Max, a Westie staying over for a few nights. They both got on so well, both playing with each other in the garden and fighting over a slipper – the usual antics!

We then went for a long walk around Felixstowe and down to the beach. Ezzi’s playfulness came out and as my daughter crouched down to give her some cuddles, Ezzi leaped onto her and to my daughter’s surprise there was a rather large water bowl directly behind her… need I say no more! We were all in floods of laughter – including Max and Ezzi.

After we all took a well deserved rest, we were back out on a walk to the local park (See Photo 3).  After they had explored the new environment we headed back as it was nearly home time

As usual, Ezzi was a pleasure to look after and to play with. Another happy pup!


Snowy’s first groom with Poppy’s Paws


Introducing Snowy, she is a fluffy Chi-Poo (Chihuahua cross Poodle). Snowy came for her first groom at Poppy’s Paws, before the groom I took her for a walk, for us to get to know each other and to make her feel as comfortable as possible. After our walk I took Snowy in the studio, where she had a little nosey before her initial cut. For the initial cut I used a comb attachment on clippers. After this Snowy had a bath where I used a special pet shampoo, containing moisturising and softening properties. Before the final cut she was fluff dried, I then used a shorter comb attachment.

As you can see above, this was a significant cut for Snowy. After the cut she seemed very happy and her tail was constantly wagging! I then took Snowy home where she was greeted by her owner and two very smiley children, whose eyes lit up when they saw her. It was so lovely to see their smiles.

We hope to see Snowy again soon as she was a pleasure to look after and groom.


A day with Harry and Hettie


Another dog filled day with Harry, a King Charles Spaniel, and Hettie, a springer Spaniel. First thing in the morning we took a long walk through Old Felixstowe and down to the Hamilton Gardens to stretch their legs, as well as mine. We went for an extra long walk which was to Hettie’s delight but not so sure about Harry, my daughter took Harry home whilst Hettie and I soldiered on.

Once we returned home it was time for a well deserved rest (see photo 2). It wasn’t long before they were both back up and playing in the garden. After lunch we then headed to the Grove for another run around before heading home. Another fun packed day.


Adventures with Rolex


Rolex, a blue standard Poodle, was our first.  to come for doggy day care at Poppy’s Paws. We first went for a long walk, down to Felixstowe beach and along the prom. On the way home we bumped into our friend Molly in the Spa Gardens, I couldn’t help but take photo of them side by side, little and large (see 2nd photo above).  Molly made Rolex look even taller than normal, I wonder if there’s a dog out there who can make Rolex look miniature? Well.. we didn’t find another dog but Rolex did find a rather large teddy bear! (see photo 3). This was my first Poodle to look after, and I must say it was a pleasure, Rolex was well natured, handsome and affectionate – we’d happily welcome him back into our family home.